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Internet Security Systems Group Welcomes You!

At Internet Security Systems Group, we specialize in providing you with up-to-date network security and assurance technology. Our products are specially designed to fit the needs of a variety of businesses, both large and small. With main offices in both the United States and Germany, and additional sales and support offices around the globe, we pride ourselves on being able to offer competitive services and pricing. Our over 30,000 customers worldwide are a testament to our high quality product and excellent service.

A little about us

Our mission statement is simple: we want to provide you with network security and assurance appliances and software that will ensure the safety and success of your business. Viruses, hackers and other security compromises are responsible for millions of dollars of loss revenue and IT costs annually; without the appropriate network security system in place, your business is a sitting duck, waiting to be attacked. We can help you become proactive in securing your businesseXTReMe Tracker

How we operate

Our product line is focused on supplying our customer base with high quality security appliances and software. When you contact us, an experienced sales person or technician will speak to you about your needs. Once we have determined your security issue, we can work together to find a solution. An experienced network security analyst can determine gaps in your networks security and then advise you on how to achieve the level of network assurance that you desire. We will determine the most effective network security appliance for you, depending on the size of your business and the level of security required. You can achieve additional security through the use of our software will augments our appliances to ensure utmost privacy and protection.

For more detailed information on our specific products, please see our Products page.

Service and support

At Internet Security Systems Group, we do not simply offer you a product – we also offer you the service and support that is necessary to ensure your product runs smoothly and effectively. We have sold our line of network assurance products to more than 30,000 businesses across the globe. As a result, we understand our customer base and strive to keep them secure and satisfied. This experience has taught us that excellent service and support are just as important as the product itself.

For more information on this, please visit our Support page.

Contact us

When you contact us, you can be assured that we will do everything we can to meet your needs. A trained sales representative can speak to you to offer solutions to your business’s network security concerns. Whether you employ 10 people or 1000, we can help you network securely so that you do not have to experience down time as the result of hackers, viruses or other security compromises.

At Internet Security Systems Group, we understand that your computer network is your business, and that’s why we’ve made it our business to protect it. Contact us today for more information on network security, virus and spyware protection as well as intrusion prevention.

We look forward to helping you!

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